Reference external trigger box inside Actor Blueprint

Hi, is there a way to reference a trigger box that lives outside an actor blueprint and reference it inside the actor blueprint so I can call the OnActorBeginOverlap event from there?

there are ways to reference the trigger volume from another actor but to my knowlege there is no way to have the triggervolumes on begin overlap in another actor.

what is the context of what your trying to accomplish? you could always have a boc collision component in the actor and move component to the proper location in the actor. otherwise the only other option would be to work in the level bp

I have an actor with a light inside that should turn on and off with a random delay each loop, and want to activate this loop when inside a global trigger box placed in the level, not each actor’s box

ok so one light and one box i dont see the issue. or do you have many instances of the actor with the light and you want one box which triggers them all? if the latter is the issue then you should use a event dispatcher. a event dispatcher works by hollering out do a thing then any actors listening do the thing, so you have a event dispatcher that calls out toggle light and any actor set to listen for that toggles its light. of course this is a oversimplification of the process. theres a good video on blueprint communication on youtube by epic which you should find without much trouble.

or another option would be to have the begin overlap event in the level bp then use a get all of class and a for each loop to call a custom event in each of the actors.

in any case your issue sounds like one of communication.

Yes the case is there are multiple actors that should trigger all together when overlap the box. I should definitely check this video you’r talking about cause i’m having a lot of troubles with blueprint communication. The second option with gett all class by the way seems interesting! Thank you very much.

below is an example of the get all of class method in the level bp. also linked below is the video i mentioned.