Reference Events from different graphs (in same BP) for Event Dispatcher


I run into a problem when using Event Dispatchers.

I have my Event Graph with “Event BeginPlay”. I have another graph in the same blueprint (for organisational purposes) that has a Custom Event on it.

Now I want to bind my Custom Event to an** Event Dispatcher** at Begin Play. But how can I reference the **Custom Event ** that sits on a different graph than my Event Begin Play? As far as I see, this is only possible if both (Custom Event and Event Begin Play) are on the same graph.

You have to create another custom event to connect graphs.
Create Custom event B in second graph that will execute all dispatcher bindings then call Custom Event B in your first graph right after Begin Play.

Thanks. I hoped there would be a solution to do this in a cleaner way… it totally works, but it adds to make my blueprints look like spaghetti :wink:

Hm, why? I mean, it just one call, it can’t be spaghetti :smiley:
Maybe I misunderstood what you want?
If you want graph per custom event binded through the dispatcher, you could just chain custom events or functions.
Bind custom events at begin play and then call another custom event which placed in appropriate graph

Sorry, I should have provided screenshots. I’m working on a root motion controller… I try to have as much movement logic as possible in my character blueprint and only leave the animation flow in the animBP.

So basically I have a graph for each of my motions: Idle, WalkRunPivot, Jump, Fall, etc.

On each graph there is a different custom event (Disable MotionName) that I want to bind to the same event dispatcher on Event_BeginPlay (which is on the Event Graph).

So following your suggestion I would have to create a custom event for each of my graphs, right?

2016-05-14 at 14-02-33.jpg
2016-05-14 at 14-03-26.jpg