Reel - game test - VFX- AI-Third person-damage car

Hello everyone, I’ve put some work and I’m just only 5 months working in unreal engine 4.6 and that’s some works I’ve done and want your criticism.

Reel : vfx, particles, destruction, fluids, damage car

and that my first game test “third person -AI”

game test 2 " It’s little look like zombie games :o

people helped me in this works “References”

Zak Parrish, Peter L. Newton, Answers Hub, imbuefx,Tesla Dev, zoombapup

Hope you like :confused:

Hi Leedo

Your stuff looks really nice :slight_smile: congrats and keep it up. Very cool to hear that you learned all this in only 5 months.

Id be interested in the tutorials you’ve watched, especially in the Particle Effects. Woulo you miond sharing some links (if theres any^^)?



General :
particles :

I like the way the guy walks. :smiley: That’s good work for your first 5 months keep it up!