Redux - Combined Arms FPS

Redux (working title)
We are looking for fellow hobbyist devs to help us with a combined arms FPS. This would be unpaid, and the game would be free (actually free–not free-to-play, no microtransactions).

Redux is a first-person combined arms shooter set in an alt-history future, around 2040-2060. Two teams will fight for control of an area, trying to destroy the enemy base while defending their own.

Each team starts with one or more base buildings which they will need to keep alive. Individual buildings allow the construction of vehicles, aircraft, or infantry classes. Teams need to keep Power Plants alive to keep structures operational. Teams need to keep their Refinery alive so it can gather resources and cash them in for credits. Players can use credits to buy vehicles, aircraft, infantry classes, and light defensive structures.

Gun-play should feel close to Battlefield in terms of time-to-kill and infantry speed. Players that die are taken to a respawn menu where they pick an available infantry class. Buildings can be destroyed with heavy firepower or with infantry detonating them from the inside. A team wins when it is the only remaining team with one or more buildings remaining.

Plot Abstract
A meteor explodes mid-atmosphere, mysteriously causing radiation levels to spike in the area. A new plant is discovered to be spreading across the Asian continent. It has evolved to synthesize radioactive elements that can be used for cheap, portable nuclear power. A secretive new military power is willing to harness it and accelerate its spread, but doing so makes more of the planet uninhabitable. In response, the United Nations creates a military force tasked with containing the plant and those who spread it.

We have a more fleshed out-plot, but this is ultimately a multiplayer game with two teams that are fighting over a harvest-able resource. The plot would mostly be used to draw inspiration for team aesthetics, logos, etc.

Who We are Looking For
You probably have a day-job but know how to use UE4. You’re looking for other people who are passionate about making a fun game that would at most receive donations to keep servers alive.

Between the two people working on this project a the moment, we actually have a decent breadth of UE4 knowledge. However we can always use help from:

  • Programmers with a good understanding of replication and multiplay setup.
  • Technical artists who can take a rigged model and use a player controller, animations, and blueprints to create controllable infantry, vehicles, etc, in a way that can be replicated.
  • Artists who can conceptualize, model, unwrap, texture, and rig infantry, vehicles, and buildings.