Reducing sensor delay in testing and deployment

So Android has a default delay of 200ms when sending sensor information to applications.

Android api documentation on sensor delay: Sensors Overview  |  Android Developers

This can become problematic for some obvious reasons when attempting to use sensor data to control games, especially when you need events to happen in real time. I’m looking for some help in reducing this latency both in testing and in deployment of a packaged game for the android play store. I have followed the instructions here

to the best of my ability, but truth be told I’m not much of a coder, I’ve been working entirely in blueprints with a high level of success, and managed to pull off everything I have wanted to in BP until now. But as I understand it, commands can’t be sent to the Android OS from within applications so there’s no way this can be done through BP, and even if this works in testing, I still need to know how you make it work in a packaged and deployed product.

Please help!

Bump cos I never get answers on this forum, even tho I provide them.