Reduced number of templates in UE5?

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I noticed some templates missing from UE5 - particularly the side scroller template - can we expect them to be in the official version?

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I’d love to know as well, Thank you

We’re reworking our template offerings for UE5’s full release. At this time, there aren’t plans to redo the Side Scroller template, but happy to pass along any feedback.

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Can we make our own templates and put them into the templates tab when we launch the editor?
Would be great to have that as a feature: “Save project as template.”
I can foresee the community creating and sharing a bunch of those.

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Could always make a unified 3rd person/sidescroller template with something in the player char’s construction script which sets the axis locking vars and such.

This would mean one less template to worry about, and it could help demystify the relevant settings should a new developer wish to mix a sidescroller level into an otherwise 3rd person project.

You could also make contest for community (something like you did with jams). to create templates from list.

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