Reduce texture size on device

Hi guys.
Sorry if this question has already been asked but I have a problem. I use the free material library from Megascans. The textures of this package at 8k resolution take up a lot of memory on my device and take a very long time to load. My project is over 100 GB and cannot be backed up.

I know that I can tweak the render and compression resolution and that will speed up loading, but I need a way to edit the original texture file to reduce it from 8k to 1k.

It is very important for me to have fast loading and be able to backup and keep a copy of the project.

As far as I understand, there is only one way to do this - edit them in a graphics editor, but the original texture files are in .uasset format and it seems that they cannot be exported to a graphics format.

It looks like there is no way to use high res texture libraries without pain and no way to reduce the original size and should one look for low res material libraries first?

Hi h.b.t.h.1

I’ve got a tool on the marketplace that does this and other things to help:

Thanks, but are there free legal ways to do this? This is a paid plugin and this functionality does not look premium.

I wrote it, I guarantee it works as it should plus it has more features than any other of it’s type.

As far as free though, there will probably be ones out there that are free.

There are a lot of online image resizers.
I personally use Photoshop. There is a built in script for loading bunch of images in a project on seperate layers. Then I resize the “image size” and export with the “all layers to files” script.
Ez way to resize and compress a load of images with a few clicks.

Or you could use batch process