Reduce size and "quality" of game

Hi all,

A question in general. Is there a way to reduce the quality and mainly size in MB of meshes ( some are 50K+ polygons) inside UE4 to reduce the size of the game itself for packaging (mobile platform).

It sounds like the assets you are using aren’t mobile friendly in the first place but you could try using the LOD tool in UE4. I think the only other option is to modify them within 3D modelling software.

Yes, they are not mobile friendly :cool:. That’s what I am trying to find out, is there a way to reduce quality of assets inside Engine, as (please correct me if I am wrong) if even I will reduce LODs of assets inside map all meshes will be moved to final packaging with original assets causing me to keep bigger size (original) meshes sitting in the system’s background to be used for “corrected” LODs. I hope it makes sense what I wrote :smiley:

If your worry is about size in MBs, you should me looking into textures first. You can right click any asset in the asset browser and click on “Size Map” to see how large that asset and everything it references is. You can do it with folders too, I think. For textures, you can just type a value in the “max texture resolution” field for each one and it will be resized to that size during packaging. You can use the property matrix to do with several selected textures at once too.

For (static) models, open the asset, search for the LOD group settings and assign some template to it (like “small prop”). This will automatically generate a bunch of LOD levels for you, with polycount reductions of 50%, 25%, 12.5% and so on, as well as automatic LOD switching screen size settings. Then you can increase the model’s “minimum LOD level” value to eliminate the more detailed LODs from your packaging.

Thank you for the information :slight_smile: