Reduce latency when using an AudioCaptureComponent

Hi y’all, I’m trying to trigger gameplay from the OnAudioEnvelopeValue event but there seems to be a slight delay. Is there a way to reduce it? Here’s an example of me triggering lasers with my voice

A little bit? Its like a 1024 Buffer Size.
I’m having the same issue, trying to develop a game controlled by voice but with this delay is just not doable.
I tried to reduce the Callback Buffer Size in the project settings but nothing changed. Hope this gets fixed in 4.26

Also for some reason the audio quality on the recording is very bad, anyone knows how to change this?
I mean It makes my £1000 mic sound like its a £10 mic :smiley:

I was experimenting with my DAW and noticed an audio driver called windows audio, upon selecting it it gave me inputs and outputs for my audio interfaces and it sound just like what I get in UE4. So Im guessing UE4 used this crappy driver instead of my interface.
I bought the System Audio Volume plugin from the marketplace and changed audio interface in realtime but I still get the same issue.
Now I’m not sure if this is a problem in my system :frowning: