Reduce editor size and C# support for UE5

  1. Could you consider to reduce the size of editor to 8GB along with reducing the size of the projects created?
  2. Could you add support for C# in UE5?
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If you need C# you can use Unity.

Epic Games acquired Agog Labs for the SkookumScript language. So I would expect UE5 to feature whatever they built upon that source code product as a new script language. For Python support is still unknown what they will do with it.

I’ve never worked with SkookumScript. How is this going to be different than blueprints?

GitHub - EpicSkookumScript/SkookumScript-Plugin: Latest full source of the SkookumScript UE4 plugin and runtime.

Yeah OK, I get it, this seems to be pretty useful. I never heard of it. But anything that gets us away from that weird Unreal language that they built on top of C++ is a good thing. Hopefully there will be a better documentation than they have for C++.

Here is one request though: If this becomes an integral part of the new UE, yoy gotta change the name. “Skookum” sounds like some sort of Swedisch cheese brand. Not cool.

Python seems like an obvious choice. If they use some new language I’ll stick to C++/BP.

Python is one of the slowest possible scripting languages. Rather it’s obvious that should be never used for runtime scripting in such engine. Perhaps in products/games so simple that gameplay performance doesn’t matter.

I wish for UE5 to have improved API where you could utilize C# and easily and faster to program. Microsoft recently release version 8 What's new in C# 8.0 - C# Guide | Microsoft Docs

You’re welcome to, but the rest of us, enjoying the easing into programming c++, that c# offers, would like to see it here in UE, maybe Unity having it there is for a really good reason - but its also true c# can be a decent springboard into c++, which many likely will need to finish their projects, or so it’s claimed by some.

THIS, while yes we may all, near finishing our projects, need c++ who knows, c# would be nice, while some aren’t ready for c++ necessarily, can utilize c# in the interim.

Yes. I wish UE5 changed the API so that we could use C++ or C# with GameObjects like MonoBehaviour in Unity.
Or even something more faster to write programs. Unreal version of Gameobjects and Monobehavior.

More compact UE5 would be amazing. If editor could go less than 8GB would be even better.

Nope, UE4 uses AActor and components within it. Just use instead of asking of convert Unreal into Unity :wink:
There’s zero need for C# while Unreal C++ makes its job.

As pointed above, Epic might work on the custom scripting language. Designed to fill gaps between Unreal C++ and blueprints. And tailored to video game development needs. Not like Unity’s environment - it took over a decade there to make launching a game in editor fast! C# is far from ideal for programming games.

It’s exactly like Henry Ford said: "“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” You don’t C# here, we don’t need to make programming and learning more difficult by adding another general-purpose language to the engine. The entire engine, plugins and everything is written using C++, you still would need to learn it in order to read engine’s code, debug it, copy-paste some tool code to make your own tools.

Just grab Resharper++ extension to Visual Studio and code like a boss. For me Unreal C++ it’s more like a decent scripting language already. It’s closer to Unity’s C# than pure C++ which you never gonna touch for gameplay scripting in UE4 :slight_smile:

I think the best from both worlds is to create new language into which blueprints will be converted under the hood. That way people loving text scripting languages would be able to work with text and people loving blueprints would be working with its visual representation. If blueprints would be saved into this language with some meta tags for nodes positions, we would also get full version control merging and locking would not be needed for blueprints anymore. It is also aligned with Epic’s effort of converting assets to text based form. People using text based and visual scripting could use very same API documentation because they will be using very same API. If I remember correctly, blueprints are running on modified UnrealScript virtual machine, so we could potentially see something like UnrealScript v2.

As a C++ programmer I would probably still keep my core logic in C++, however what is currently really hurting programmers are compile times. If there is any reason to bring scripting language then it should definitely be improving iteration times, safer environment (like nullptr warnings in BPs) and team workflow (BP locking). Nicer synax is just a bonus.

Introducing just another scripting language because of attracting all those C# developers who like nice syntax without any other benefit for Unreal Engine ecosystems would only fragment the community and I am not sure if that is a best thing to do. Most people who are asking for C# haven’t really tried Unreal’s C++, so they don’t see it is not really that difficult to use.

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Got a question for you dude! Still one area where we haven’t clashed yet.:stuck_out_tongue:
What would a C++ hardliner (UE4 C++ hardliner anyway), who is a fan of Ford…
Make of something like Bruno Xavier’s Magic Nodes (C++ for BP Plugin)?
(Plus also Bruno’s Magic ‘Script’ Nodes with a Basic / C# type grammar).


Bruno Xavier tools are nice prototypes :slight_smile:

Skookum Script is much more advanced, half-way to its own scripting IDE in the editor. Still not integrated into vanilla UE even after Epic purchased the company behind Skookum Script.
It’s simply no solution available out there could be considered as “first-class citizen” in the engine. A new text language should be designed to a sweet spot between C++ and Blueprint like it would be there since the beginning of UE4. With changes to Unreal C++, blueprint VM, blueprint nativization, text-based assets.

Such language should hide Unreal C++ things still cumbersome for less programming-oriented people, like managing includes, linking modules. Perhaps some nicer equivalent Unreal C++ of delegates, macros, etc. And it wouldn’t crash on the invalid pointer (that’s what you have in managed languages, blueprints or C#) - as the person before you said. Basically, it should be a text-based blueprint, it should feel like home to people used to blueprints. A place where programmers and non-programmers would meet and cooperate. In projects with a team of programmers, we have tools and systems written in C++ and this used by the rest of the team (via blueprints and custom editors). These environments don’t mix.

And it would be great if it would take one step further, make new language easy to write multithreading code for advanced users/systems. Currently, the blueprint is trapped in a single thread basically. It’s not a trivial challenge even in C++, due to the engine’s architecture. Everything is OOP in a gameplay framework, not easy to use efficiently like 16 threads for gameplay of new consoles.

If we gonna have the 3rd language in the engine (Unity has only one exposed!), this needs to be so good, that everyone wants to use it. Easy to jump between all three forms.
C# wouldn’t solve it nicely, it would be just an alien thing, programmers would often entirely ignore it and continue with the current workflow. C# would be just eating a painkiller while sick and pretend it’s all good.

So just placing nodes with text-based code in blueprints is nice, but I would expect much more from next-generation scripting language :slight_smile:

Agreed, please add C#.

Unreal Engine 5 could be the perfect engine, but if it still needs C++ it will be unusable for me and I will stick with Unity.

Not everyone is a genius programmer, C# is a perfect language for run-of-the-mill Indie game development.

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Please Epic, reduce capacity of the UE5 editor when installed on drive.

It’s not about c++ being hard or c++ programmers being genius. It’s more about well defined c# language is. With it’s runtime you can literally run it on any platform. After Dotnet 5, development in c# is going to boom in all sectors. It provides with not just ease but also less chances of errors and more maintainable code. It would be great if they already are working on it.