Reduce documentation dispersivity and pdf manual

I am a beginner trying to study some UE4 before to begin a project. I read some of the documentation and watched some tutorials; most of them are very well explained and although still difficult for beginners, with a little effort everything can be learned.
What it could be improved is the structure of the documentation that is often too dispersive and only readable through browser or chm.
Often you have to jump from one category to another losing the stream of the reading; having to go backward and forward through the links in the browser. May be bigger chapter could be more useful.
Also a PDF manual would be great; I think some users (myself included) would love to print some documentation and study UE4 on paper. Ok we are in 2014 and not printing is good for practical reasons and for the environment, but also always staring at the screen is not good for health; some old way paper reading it would still be great sometimes!:slight_smile:

Check the documentation directory that comes with your UE4 install. You could print that.