Reduce capsule component size when my character is crouching.

Hey guys,

So I have been making a side scrolling game for my final year project at university (if you want to seem here are my progress videos :slight_smile:

To get started with the game I just used the sidescroller blueprint template which means each character I have has its collision done by a capsule component. From what I have seen this cannot be changed. This is fine however, I have now got a crouching animation in my game so I need the capsule component to be “shrunk” when my player is crouching to allow it to pass under low obstacles ext.

The only things I have found regarding this is the “reduce capsule half height” node, this however places part of my character through the floor which is not what I want.

Any help would be awesome :slight_smile:



How does your crouching system works? -> when you use the integrated one, it will scale down the capsule automatically. Just enable “can crouch” in the default tab + in the event graph you have to add an event (Ctrl) and a “crouch” + “uncrouch” node :slight_smile:

Oh really? I never knew that thanks :smiley: that solved my problem, thank you very much!

To Clarify as I was looking in the wrong place, The Can Crouch setting is inside the CharacterMovement settings, NOT in the Class Defaults. You’ll also want to adjust your “Crouched Half Height” value as the default of 40 was too small for the third person character.