Reduce APK size - Incease FPS on Mobiles

i know there is documentations about reducing apk or game size , but after all done its still 3 or 4 time bigger than apk size from unity with exact same contents(or even on a empty project) and that is why most of the developers uses unity for making mobile games and i guess when you have less apk size then you will have better performance in many cases too . mobile games are the best market for small studios/teams. so i hope unreal team have more attention on mobile features in future .


That’s an overstatement. They use Unity because they already worked with it before UE4 was even accessible. Unity is much older and more established engine. Plus it’s more optimized for mobile, especially for lower end mobile platforms. UE4 aims at higher end smartphones.

I don’t see how .apk size correlates with performance :rolleyes:

Not really. PC (although it has gotten almost as bad as mobile) and consoles is the best market for smaller teams. Definitely not mobile with its level of saturation. Either way, clever PR and marketing is what going to sell your game today on any market, and that costs an arm and a leg, especially on mobile.

Regardless, I too would like to see smaller .apk size and better performance in general, for sake of mobile VR :slight_smile: