Reduce a Niagara Parameter over time

I’d like to reduce a variable over time. The psuedocode would look something like:

var power = 6000

 while (power > 0) 
   power = power - 1000;

I’m having a hard time doing this logic in a blueprint. I’m also open to other ways to reduce a variable over time.

The variable I’d like to reduce is a Niagara float parameter. I tried Get Float Parameter but it seems the data types are incompatible. Attached is a screenshot of my current node graph:

Ah, part of the answer is to combine set and get with a local variable that’s initialized based off the niagara float parameter. Havne’t fully sorted it yet though, will post what I figure out when I do.

This was not a very good way to do things. Instead I found out that a “timline” object can be used to change values over time. So instead of using a while loop to update a parameter, I’ve instead added a Timeline object, connected the execution flow to its “play from start” option, taken the “value” output (which appears to be the Y axis in the timeline editor), plugged it into a float * float to increase the value’s magnitude, and then plugged the output of the multiplication into my Set (niagara) Float Parameter node. The Niagara Float Parameter updates dynamically as expected, and appear to does so every frame, and now I have the ability to define a curve to said variable changes, which is pretty slick.*emphasized text*