Redo last command

One thing that I think is incredibly useful in Maya is the G button, which repeats the last thing you did. This is VERY helpful for many things, especially when you want to copy and offset objects to create (for instance) a line of lights, where you want the distance between each light to be the same. This works on transform, rotation, scale and many other things. I would be VERY happy to see such a feature in Unreal =)

They added it, if there wasn’t before :wink:
Now it is CTRL+Y :wink:

That’s not it. What OP meant is, if there is a shortcut which lets you “repeat the last action” over and over again, as many times as you need. An example would be duplicating an object over and over while maintaining the same distance and rotation from the last one, such as shown in this video:

+1. It’s also in Photoshop.

Just looking for this, would be handy right now, +1

FYI - “its repeat last comand” not repeat.