Redistribute unreal editor and modding

Hello, This is the most appropriate section I found so…
Am I allowed to distribute Unreal Editor 4 binaries with my game so users can create new maps/mods and such?
I’m wondering how open is the new engine version with modding, and if needed and possible, is there a
any guide lines I need to follow to allow modding? How does this compare to how it used to work with UDK and UnrealScript?

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You should refer to the EULA for distribution. You can find it here:

this has already been answered on the UDN, do a search there and you will find it :slight_smile:

Thanks but I can’t find it, Could you quote/link it? (I also don’t have license yet if it isn’t publicly available).

yea it was hard to find!

I looked up by the name of the poster, Thanks for asking Iniside! :slight_smile:


So Eula says that I can’t release engine tools such as the editor.
Making my own mod editor seems daunting but will see and probably just limit level designers.
I guess they’ll have to use a UE4 source license, it’s not much anyways.

Make a UE4 plugin instead.

Valuable modders will have UE4 already so it should not be a problem :slight_smile: