Redirectors Suggestion

Good morning,

I always have trouble moving and deleting files in Ue, they always leave “empty” folders all over the place and I have to make a lot of changes to my folders because of the type of project I have.

I was thinking:
Can’t you put the Redirectors in a single file in the root directory to reference where everything is? When you move something it will just have to change its location in that one file? Even if a redirector contains a lot of info you could still contain that in one file!

ID: “” //Incase they have the same name as another file
File: “Name”
Location: “Location!”
Other info: “Other info”
ID: “”
File: “Name”
Location: “Location 2!”
Other info: “Other info 2”

I don’t know why we have redirectors all over the place and the “Fix up redirectories in folder” doesn’t work for me?! It never has no matter which version I use.

Anyways please let me know what you think.

Folders staying behind are only sometimes caused by redirectors. You can enable “show redirectors” in the file filters in the content browser so you can verify that it’s indeed caused by a redirector or not (and fix it if it is). Sometimes though, folders will just stick until you delete them in Windows Explorer.