Redirect Transition Rule?

I have a state machine in an animation blueprint that has a lot of states, each with a transition rule in and out of each state. So 20 states with 2 transition rules each, is 40 transition rules. All these transition rules point back (or come from) a common conduit. The problem is, I want them all to come off a common state now instead.

I can’t seam to find anyway to redirect the transition rules. Like how you can in a normal blueprint for example. You can hold down Ctrl and grab an execution link and drag it to link to a different node. There doesn’t appear to be anyway to drag a transition rule to another conduit or state.

I’m shuddering at the thought that the only way to change this state machine is to litterally delete every transition rule and then recreate them one-by-one pointing to the new common state. It is hours of work I’m hoping to avoid if I can just simply drag them somehow. Anyone know if this is possible?