Redesigned BP editor show inherited variables ?


In the old BP editor there was a Show Inherited Varaibles check box, i can’t find it with the new editor and i can’t get my ParentClass variables to show, i have to right click inside the graph to use them, i have been trying for too long :(. Please someone help me :slight_smile:

In my blueprint tab, on the right to “+ add new”, click the “eye and triangle” to open sub menu (but i had to search too ^^)

Wow Wow Wow i would never have found that, thx a LOT Fen it was making me a little bit crazy ! :slight_smile:

Man I spent almost 1 hour in searching “Show inherited variables” lol new updated layouts feels like hide n seek :wink:

Here is a screenshot : blueprint tab :

In 2019, same situation here :frowning:

Look at the comment above, It worked for me 2020.