Redesign Unreal Engine Editor

Just like make ui come to flat, remove some useless borders color, make developer focus on few “hot visual area”.
And i think editor crash much times, it need redesign and much improve.

It’s an different age, Unity Editor make game development faster and easy to learns, can Epic get some change?
Like give additional source editor options: Atom/Visual Studio Code, Optimize Editor performance on Laptop.

I think when somedays my MBP fan not keep running and i can easy to find things don’t need google it much time, UE4 user will increase faster than now.

In the end you’re asking for UE4 Editor to be Unity.

Not really. But i do think some things could be fixed in ui department, like a lot of things…

The UE4 UI looks absolutely awesome. Especially compared to Unity.

The only thing which can be improved in my opinion are some screens, for instance the one for World Composition, or there could be a button on the Animation screen, to create a section for a loop (not hiding it on right click), and effects the window below, which is confusing when you try to setup sections for the first time). Overall i really like the editor. If you want to pitch for redesigns you should be more precise, for example add a modified screenshot.

Granted there is always room for improvement, the UI looks practical and aesthetically pleasing overall. It is a professional tool and as such it has some learning curve. I am globally more satisfied with UE4 Editor than Unity. There are times where finding panels in the UI is a bit clunky though.

If UI can’t got change, fix crash pls.
Compile game lib bug crash editor.
And sometimes i just set var in details, it will crash.

UE4 editor is unstable in MacBook Pro 15 Retina.

I would for one like to get theme rework. Something more flatter, less rounded with thin frames (or no frames at all) on windows, smaller titles bars etc.

I agree. Screen space is extremely valuable. Everything that gives me more effective screen space would be much appreciated.

The UI needs 2 additional widgets which can be declared as a simple property:
A simple button. NOT the checkbox.
A dynamic string list, similar to the menu. NOT a list of strings which need to be predefined. NOT the array, which adds additional rows.

I wouldn’t have a problem with thinner frames, but I definitely don’t want to see the UI getting “flatter”. That’s why windows 8 and windows 10 looks horrible, and I’m very happy that UE4 did not go that route. Every time I open a BP I’m still amazed with how awesome those shadowed nodes look like and I’m incredibly happy that they didn’t make it a “flat” style. And that’s the case for the whole editor.

Which OS are you using? Are you booting into Windows? If so, which version, and do you have the correct latest drivers?

Also note that the memory and GPU specifications of the MBP15Retina are, technically, not up to the system requirements for the editor.
The editor is fantastic for a workstation-class environment (and, ideally, a dual-screen or triple-screen set-up.)
It is not that great for older hardware with laptop-level limitations (thermal, GPU, RAM.) That’s not its goal.