Redemption codes not working

Hey all,

Our teacher got 30 codes for our class, and when we activate them it acknowledges the code, and says “you will receive one year of subscription time” but when I press on confirm it gives this: “Sorry, an error occurred and we were unable to resolve it.” The codes are valid though since changing one character results in a codes not valid error. Any ideas?



Hey , can you tell me if this is happening to just your code or are the other students in your class also having the problem?

I can see about replacing yours if you PM me. Please let me know as soon as you can so that we can get this fixed asap.

Yes, the other codes aren’t working either. Is it possible that they have to be activated by our teacher?

Can you please PM me the code that is not working? That will let me look up the status of it and why it is not working.