Red Tent 3DA - Disaster at the Pole /iOS/

Hi All,
My new app " Red Tent 3DA" , not a game !!!, not shooting !!! Historical experience.
Two years I was looking for information and modeling.
Who is interested, I generate a promo code.

What is it? Is it actually a playable thing, or all videos?

I don’t have iphone, so can’t use myself.

It’s not a video.
Red Tent 3DA is virtual 3D walk through scenes depicting the historical moment of rescuing
survivors of Umberto Nobile expedition in airship Italia, which crashed near
the North Pole in 1928. You can enjoy the atmosfhere of this remote arctic
area, explore the 3D models of icebreaker Krasin and Fokker aircraft, look at
the animation of the accident from different angles, meet the crew, check some
maps and read the story of Red Tent.

left button - move forwards and backwards
right button - look around
menu - icons with more information
crash icon - turn on/off animation
morse dash - turn on/off menu
morse dots - turn on/off controls
audio effects
3D models
3D animation