Red Kite Demo Performance Issue

Hi There,

Hoping someone can enlighten me. I am having major performace issues when trying to play the red kite demo (and cinematic). When I look to the far distance, fps drops to single figures, then jumps back to action when I look away. Same problem with the cinematic. Basically its unplayable. Unreal stated a 980 gtx, 24 GB ram and an i7 was needed to run the demo, I have a gtx 1060 rog strix card, 32 Gb ram and dual xeon processors (HP Z600 PC). I have even found YouTube video where the Red Kite demo was tested with a 1060 card with no issues. I´m sure im missing something.

Is there a special “red” version, or is it just the regular Kite Demo?

Review of this system:

  1. Slow RAM, 1333mhz at best
  2. Dated CPU Intel Xeon E5620 (quadcore 2.4ghz). Nice $90 CPU.
  3. PCIe2 = bottleneck

His specific computer specs:…-series/specs/

In summery, your workstation is not designed to load a tech demo thats 100% pushed on visuals like kite demo.
Lets be 100% clear tho, workstations and servers are NOT intended to run gaming things. Building, sure, multitasking stuff, yes. Not running video games.

More review on this shows the PCIe slot is a PCIe x16 max. So gen 1.
Also, the Z600 series released in 2011. You can get them for about $300 USD from Newegg. Basically, every reason possible is why your performance is terrible.

@perrochivo : Ths issue is already being discussed on the answerhub - see here:…ance-drop.html…-with-417.html

Short version: Starting with the Kite Demo for UE Version 4.15, the performance is messed up (maybe caused be the grass tool) - download UE 4.14 and the corresponding Kite Demo Asset: this runs well also on older systems. :slight_smile:

@AP_Studios: The above mentioned rig should be able to run the demo (at least the 4.14 version :slight_smile: I have an older rig with an old i7 at 2.9GHz, 16GB RAM and a GTX1070 in a PCIe 2x slot and Framerate is all between 20 and 50.


It runs on my GTX680 and Xeon X5670’s lol. I’d guess it’s the new engine version as hessjacobs pointed out. I wouldn’t think there’s that much of a bottleneck on your RAM or CPU. The videocard is doing most of the work.

Did you try it on UE4.14? Did it improve performance?