RECURSIVE PAIN - online shooter with unusual gameplay mechanics


My name is Alex. I’m from Republic of Moldova, and I want to show you the project I’m working on.


Recursive pain is a fast-paced third person multiplayer shooter in sci-fi setting that brings original ideas and gameplay mechanics to the online-shooters genre. Up to 16 players.

The main purpose of the project is to create something new. Continuously develop, search, test and implement new gameplay mechanics which have never been used in online shooters.

At this moment Recursive Pain is a solo project. [HR][/HR]


1 - Blindsight

Use echolocation to navigate in complete darkness.



2 - Advaita

On this map player can see only a small area of reality.


3 - Blank

Shoot paintballs in order to paint any objects and enemies. Players should not stay in the painted areas or they will be quickly noticed.


4 - Dilemma and Duality

Dilemma and Duality are maps with altered gravity. Players can move on walls, ceiling and any other objects.



5 - Poison

On this map the snow is poisonous and it causes damage to every player. Players have to shoot paintballs to pave the safe way. Areas painted by enemy players also cause damage.





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Awesome job! I want to play right now…wishlisted!


join our discord -

I’m planning to start playtest session at this weekend.

Oh wow, this looks fantastic! Is the player hallucinating, or is there another plot explanation for the unusual mechanics? Either way I’m looking forward to seeing more!

Already join, im BlackthornE :slight_smile:

Yes, there is a plot that explains everything. :smiley:

the game has been released -