[Recuest Tutorials] Game Play Break Down

So i been looking around and i was trying to find some break down of difrent gameplay mechanincs.
First of you guys at Epic are great at responding to threads and helping us out.

But there are some big holes when it comes to simple explinations about gameplay classes.
Let me explain what i mean, i wanted to do damage and had a hard time understanding it all.
Then Jeff Farris posted this great artical “Damage in UE4” on it and i got it done in a blast.

So i know we have the exampels like the Shooter game., but lets be honest the comments could be longer.
So my point is we need more simple explinations about spesific things.
Now am trying to do Death and in AController:: you have Controller::NotifyKilled.

So am thinking its good to use what the framework provides (its there for a reson.)
But i fail to find a explination detailing whats beeing notifyed and where.

So i beg you Epic please provide us with more spesific short exampels on how the framework was intended to be used.
Also i checked the Roadmap and to my horror the Gameplay - Overviews & Examples was down to 16 again, last time i checked it was just about to tip 300.
Now its aperantly split up Unreal C++ Reference do this mean it will take longer before we get some explinations on this?

I realy think its imperitive that you guys get this done as it leaves out the guese work.
Thank you for your time.

Best Regards

I did split those up, but really more to make it clearer what topics we were going to cover. For Gameplay Overviews & Examples, that documentation will cover not just C++ implementations, but Blueprint implementations that people working with the visual scripting system might use. This is a different category than the Unreal C++ Reference, which will really focus on programming workflow, C++ macros and keywords, and various other code-specific information. It is a shame that splitting up the cards on Trello meant the votes got reset, but we definitely understand the importance of these topics and know those votes still exist. :slight_smile: Stay tuned to see what we’re rolling out in these areas soon!

Ok can`t wait to see what you guys have in store for us.
You say soon is this along side the next update, or before? :slight_smile:

Anyways, thank you for leting us know that the detailed Unreal C++ Reference is around the corner. :slight_smile:
Cant wait!