Recuest more delegates for Destructible Component

I been working with destructibels for a while now and when you know when to use PhysX Lab and what can be done directly in the editor its quite nice.

Now today i came across a situation where the framework is lacking a bit.
Mainly the delegates for events, now we do have

    UDestructibleComponent::FComponentFractureSignature OnComponentFractur

But as mentioned in the comments in the method here.
void UDestructibleComponent::SpawnFractureEffectsFromDamageEvent(const NxApexDamageEventReportData& InDamageEvent)

I propose that delegates are added to the execution of thos two “events”.
As i came across a situation where i need to catch the event but i prefer the event only fires once etch damage/ fracture event.
And if all possible make the method virtual then we have the ability to over-ride them and add more functionality our self as well…

While adding these two delegates is very simple i prefer (and am sure alot of other users as well.) not to have to get the full source and and recompile it.
To get this functionality, is there any way you can add this to the next “To Do List”? :slight_smile:

Edit: Made a Pull Request for this if that helps.

Thanks for reading.