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    Funded company or individual looking to pay-per-asset.
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Project Title:

Open Space/Open World with Voxel Engine. A lot of planets (procedural mixed with predefined) and other cool Objects in Space, all using individual custom gravities.
You can do what you want. Collecting, mining, etc. and building, crafting, etc.
A story is also planned, but first we will developing the engine and the gameplay mechanics.


  • Timeless hand drawn graphics
  • A whole galaxy
  • An easy skillsystem but allows millions of combinations
  • Fully destructible Space Objects (Planets, etc)
  • And more…

Team Structure**:**
Sebastian Feja (Project Creator)
Project Management & Game Design - 4 years.

Sebastian Schreiber (Project Assistant)
Project Quality Assurance & 3D Artist - 4 years.


Mohamed Mohsen (3D Animator)**

Previous Work:
Spheroid Camera (our first project)
BioMaterial (Landscape material)
LunaPostProcess (Next Gen Outliner)
and a lot more (still WIP)

Talent Required (for now):

**Programmer(s) with following skills (1)

What we have to do for now is:**

  • Create our own custom procedural mesh component (You can copy/paste the runtime mesh component code and put in extra stuff. It is important that you know how the code works so that you can add extra stuff)
  • In combination with that we need extra vertex data and we need a new certain material node who will calculate/interpolate using that data and provide the result per pixel
  • You understand the marching cubes algorithm and you can create a slightly modified and optimized version of it.

**These are the primary skills and it will take just a few weeks for those who are familiar with it.
This will be our only one project and we wanna support it for several years.
If you wanna stay with us for years, your primary job will be just to extend/optimize the voxel engine.
Together we will create a very unique version of a voxel engine.
Depending on your skill we can also can give you more tasks.

About payment:

We are indie and this project will be our only one baby :slight_smile:
We pay a decent royality fee from all income (crowdfunding, game selling, etc.)

Optional: It would be good, if you are living in the europe region, so we have similar day/night cyle and can communicate better, but it is not so important.

If you are interested or have further questions, please contact me.

Cheers :)**


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