Recruiting VFX Artist,Game Designer,Technical Artist

Project Title:
Kingdawn Online

It combines the massive world and fantastical role-playing attributes expected from most MMORPGs with the massive team-based battles.Like castle fights and race fights.

Kingdawn, there are whole cities that players must team up to take over and keep. Once they have them, they can choose to rule their land as they see fit; however, they must also defend their new kingdom.

Team Name:
Anka Game Studios

Team Structure**: **
Anka Games have 2 studio located in Russia and Turkey. Modelling team on Turkey and level design on Russia. Also we have many remote employees for charecter works.Now trying to add new talents on team.

Talent Required:

  • Game Designer
  • VFX Artists


• Mastery of Unreal Engine Particle System
• 2+ years of experience developing games in Unreal Engine
• Immediately available
• Fluent English

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Please visit our page: for further details.

Note : Studios can be apply too. We are also looking for studios to co-operate.

If you want to work with this guy, I want to warn you. He behaves very unprofessionally and especially towards women.

Its up guys

We add texture artist position too.

I would to apply for this position as remote collaboration.

Its up again

Still looking for experienced game designers.

Hi, I am interested if it’s remote collaboration.

Are you guys looking for a sound designer?