[RECRUITING] Team For Ark Expansion Pack Mod

Hello Everybody

After my last mod Craft-Trades became a disasters due to bugs and lag etc
I am going to try and create a new mod for a fresh start this mod is going to be called “Ark Expansion Pack” it will add pretty much everything that is needed to make ark more like real life however since my last mod failed , I wish to recruit a team to help me make this mod and hopefully with your help get a really good working mod that I can enter into the Ark Modding Contest

Progress so far

So far I have added 2 of the new items including the advanced bed and the brick structure set there are 100+ items /structures/features/mechanics I want to add into this mod (list will be given to you if recruited)


Age 13+
Must have Skype
Must have some decent knowledge with Unreal Engine and Ark Dev Kit

What skills are needed

Static Mesh 3D Modellers (Make Normal 3D Model With Textures)
Skeletal Mesh 3D Modellers (Make Advanced 3D Models With Moveable Parts And Textures)
Blueprint Scripters (Simple Blueprinting Skills - Can add new items/structures)
Community Managers (replays to comments received on mod steam page and sorts out change log , description)
Advanced Blueprint Scripters (Can Create Advanced Structures,Item,Animals/Dinosaur and Item That Require Pawn Adjustments ETC)
UI Scripter (Makes advanced custom inventory etc)
General All Rounders (if you think you have some of the skills from all groups)

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