[RECRUITING] People To Help Me Make A Mod "Ark Expansion Pack"

[RECRUITING] People To Help Me Make A Mod “Ark Expansion Pack”
Hello Modders !

I’m currently looking for members to help me make my Ark Expansion Pack Mod
(I’m planning on entering the modding contest with it)
I have been making my mod by myself for a while and I think it time I can get some people to help me , if recruited you will be given a description of my mod so you know what it is about.


Age 10+
Some for of communications (Skype , Team Speak ETC)
Have Decent Knowledge with Unreal Engine and Ark Dev Kit

Contact info :

Current members :
Crafting Cookie (Mod Owner)

I’m looking for people who can do :

Static Mesh makers
Skeletal Mesh makers
Blueprint scripting
General Scripter
General All Rounder