Recruiting New People To Our XBOX ONE Scorched Server!!- Add "ThelongServer" as a friend

Hi all, I’m new to this forum but i just wanted to say that we have a player dedicated server up. This server is based in the new scorched map and is pvp with offline raiding turned off as of now. We did this to ensure that tribes can build up and actually have full scale wars instead of being a dead server due to senseless raiding. You CAN raid in this server but you just have to be able to do it when someone is online making much more harder to do so. Word of caution, if you do raid and become a menace don’t be surprised if you wind up in a prison We also have opportunities for players that would rather go the more peaceful route. You could start a trade caravan, build a gas station, have marketplaces, or hire body guards and mercenaries to protect you and to do your bidding. We encourage trade in this server because we believe that it is the lifeblood to the server just as in real life. This server is not exclusively a rp server but we would like some role players to join this server and actually really get into it because that would really enrich the game in a very positive way. This server is boosted and the gathering rate is very nice as well as level gaining. Breeding and taming and egg hatching is turned up is turned up. I do not believe it is maxed but it takes about 5-6 hours to fully raise a dragon to adulthood. We could not figure out how to put the server on the list of servers so you will have to add thelongserver as a friend.