REcruiting for OLD WEST mmo/shooter

hi, im in the mist of bringing a project to life and was wondering if anyone was interested in working on the project . My thought is Old west mmo/shooter …like in the ways of dayz/ but set in the 1850’s Arizona …features I was thinking of would be

Dungeon type setting with groups of 5 …tank gunmen .dps …and maybe a pastor as healer- could makedungoens featureing old west icons …like billy the kid . doc holiday .just a bunch of them …
Full towns .shops, banks ,train stations ,etc
factions :iapache Indians, Mexican gangs, cowboys .county sheriffs

Questing-look for legendary weapons

I know that’s a lot -and it would take a lot of time …but the concept is good …and not many old west mmo’s out there,