Recruiting for Next Gen Action TCG

I’ve had a vision for about a year now. My vision is clear to me, but there is still much room for creativity in all of the details. I made a working prototype as noted in “My Situation”. This past year I’ve been experimenting and have learned a lot.

I love exchanging ideas and hearing feedback. Currently more interested in a partner/teammate than in contract work, but willing to discuss options regardless.
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Recruiting an experienced dev with blueprint or c++ in ue4 - mostly gameplay related
Open to discussing other roles such as a 3d modeler.

Imagine a more sophisticated version of Clash Royale (Action TCG) that feels MTG-like (Sophisticated) with good 3d graphics/effects (Modern) and the polish of Hearthstone (Fluid).

The game will be both laid back like a traditional card game, but will quickly seesaw to adrenaline spiked play during intense moments. A lot of the game will be based on pre-emptive deck making/talent choices and the rest will be card combinations, positioning, timing, probability and in the moment choices since this is not a turn-based card game. The units and cards will be interesting enough to provide creative tactics and various uses of the cards in multiple situations.

This will not be a Clash Royale clone. Currently planned for PC and console.
I know how to go about “marketing” this game and I will discuss the business model in more depth if necessary.

What I’m looking for from you
Card dealing/shuffling/building mechanics
Card mechanics/Spawn system
Damage/health system
Ability/Unit System
Player controls/Camera

Comprehensive AI pathing/agro/etc.
Multiplayer implementation
Idle zone

My Situation
I made a fully functional prototype with the Starcraft 2 Editor earlier this year which confirmed some major ideas I’ve had, but ultimately did not include the depth that I will spend time on for the real version. It’s available to check out if you’d like. Just send me a message and I’ll show you.

Right now I have 24/7, but have realized how limited I am as one person with regards to tackling a project of this scope in a timely manner. Although I have all day, every day, I still view time as a big constraint.

Initially, I was going to make a huge game by myself and then recruit after my first game, but I do not wish to waste time on my weaknesses. Additionally, I work better when I have teammates to bounce ideas off. I think the best way to approach this project is to organically grow in team size by small increments.

Ideas come to me nonstop whether I want them to or not. I have a creative curse. I have quality OCD most of the time, aka I am obsessed with high quality across the boards unless it’s irrelevant. I have a tendency to go all in on anything I actually get into.

I was born for game design and I believe I could make the entire game myself, it would just take me a long time to learn and troubleshoot all of the required technical skills. I don’t want to settle on any aspects of quality within the scope. I could really see my future role being a creative director/producer.

My experience and a little about me
I’ve played competitive online games since I was 8 (age of empires: rise of rome) which was an early time for my generation (I’m about to turn 28). Recently built a new rig - threadripper 1950x, 2x 1080ti watercooled, 64gb ram 3200 cl14, m2 samsung 960 pro 1tb, etc. Mostly built for rendering, multitasking and 3d art. Gaming is pretty nice too =)

From my experience and obsession with certain types of games, I’ve gathered an intuitive radar for game design. I understand what feels good and off about games. I understand what flows and I understand systems. It could be out of my quality OCD tendency, but I can tell you what doesn’t feel right about a game or what could be improved. Stats, abilities, resources, strategies, customization, player choices, etc. all make sense and come relatively naturally to me. I’ve made various board games, card games and mini games within other games throughout the years.

I’ve started over a dozen businesses, almost all of them online. I started and ran a “pro gaming” business with the help of 6 teammates in Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft which grossed over 100k in 6 months. I was rank 1 in WoW arena in 2 eras when I was younger, fueled from obsession.

I have experience in web design, video editing, photoshop, blogging, excel.
I have been learning modeling, texturing, rigging, animations. I will most likely be making cinematics for the game.
I understand games. I understand business. I understand art. I understand stories.
I know how to run a remote business. I know how to coordinate a team.

I’ve learned the basics of ue4 the past 6 months or so. I’ve dabbled in every 3d art program as well. Until I add an artist to the team, I will be handling all of the art which is no problem for human character models atm. Still learning detailed customized clothing and modeling/animating non-human creatures. Btw will most likely being using sound assets and will do most of the voiceovers myself which I have done before.

I’ve lived in the game market
Ability to go all in

I’m slow with blueprints and c++
Multiplayer replication still confuses me
Quick implementation
Tendency to try to do everything myself
Currently do not have many contacts within the industry
I have not worked on another game dev team and have no AAA experience.

Extremely analytical
I am better at theory and slow at implementation.
I will not settle for poor quality.
I have tons of ideas.
Self-driven pressure.

Feel free to leave a reply here or contact @discord Growin#0470 - @email [EMAIL=“”]

I am interested to join in team as blueprint Dev or if you gain enough members we could see who is best and for what

Great! Would love to talk in more detail. Please message me privately here -