Recruiting for important game project (Robots, Weapons, Futuristic, linear gameplay, FPS/TPS)

Hello everyone. This is my first post to Unreal so let me get a few things out of the way.
My name is Dante.
I have been playing Unreal Engine games all my life. Ive been an avid UT fan since UT 1999.
I am 23 years old.

I never thought that one day I would have the opportunity to bring all my ideas to life.
So many ideas floating around in my head and hardly enough time to create them.
Before I get started on my post I want to thank everyone at Epic Games for making the most amazing TDM Games I have played TO DATE.
Your engine is making advances even beyond our planet (*NASAs Mars VR)
And finally I want to thank the community for showing your support to Unreal Engine and Epic Games.
The more we grow. The brighter the future of the gaming industry.

Okay now onto the reason I am making this post.

I am currently in the planning stages for a Unique FPS / TPS game set in the future.
The game is going to be focusing primarily on campaign rather than multiplayer.

Here is a list of things I am willing to publicly announce about it:
- The IP is a robot named “S0U1”
- Level design is Linear. No open world
- Style is futuristic
- Vibrant colors, not the grey brown, washed out colors you see in a lot of shooters.
- Mood is mostly serious, though S0U1s sense of humor will show throughout the title.
- The game will feature a loadout menu for S0U1 similar to that seen in MechWarrior, although it will be completely overhauled.
- At least one Alien world will also be featured.
- Play style will be mostly open combat, though cooperative combat with AI “Reinforcements” is definitely planned.
- A leveling system placed on individual weapons will allow players to purchase upgrades for weapons they spend the most time using.
- Campaign Co Op is planned with two different modes, Ally mode, and Turret mode.
- Ally mode has player two controlling a seperate robot featured in the title.
- Turret mode has player two operating a turret on S0U1s body to emphasize on teamwork.

I have a lot of this planned out already and have no shortages on ideas for the title.
My issue really boils down to Skill, Man Power, and Funding.

I need motivated developers willing to assist me in developing this title.
Though I am only one month in to UE 4, I am catching on very quickly.
My determination towards this project knows no limits. I am ready to get the ball rolling NOW.

That is why I am willing to sign a contract with individuals and / or teams that will entitle them to a percentage of both funding acquired during the advertising phase, and profit made from the release.

My main goal is to create a game that can open up the world of Unreal Engine and its numerous possibilities to prospective developers, AND still be a fun ride for those more interested in playing the games.

As for the team.
I want motivated people. I want people that are passionate about creating games.
People that are used to thinking outside the box.
Professionals would be optimal, but If you are just starting out on UE like myself, then I’m not against you wanting to help out and polish your skills.
In particular I am looking for Programmers. And I know you guys do NOT like doing pro bono work, trust me… I don’t either. But I’m hoping some of you can help lend a hand if possible.

One final note:
Honestly guys… All I need is a demo. That’s it. Just one decently lengthy level of full on game play. Using that I can very well get great funding from some doctor friends I know who are eager to see results.

As for payment: The only thing I can do right now is sign a contract for a percentage of future income.
I plan for everyone who sticks with this project to be well compensated.

If you have any questions at all feel free to message me!
Thank you for your time!

I have a solid plan and friends with money. But I need proof of concept (A demo level) before they part with it.

Hi Awesome Dante,

Thanks for your fun and awesome post. I really like your game idea and you have a great positive attitude - which is really nice!

About 10 years ago I was the same age as you 23/24 when I first decided that I wanted to be a professional computer game developer. And like you I was really passionate and had tons of awesome ideas! (They are still awesome ideas, I think! haha! ) But, back then, I really didnt know how to break into the game development industry - except from - like you - pitching my ideas to other developers.

Unfortunatly for me - no one seemed to want to help me make my ideas a reality. And there was one very important reason for that. At that time I did not have any practical game development skills apart from my ideas and my experience as a gamer.

Now - I am not in any way be-littleing your ideas or your experience - I think they are fantastic - I really do! :smiley:

But “ideas” do not make video games. The thing that makes video games is Practical Skills. What I mean by that is: 3D artists, Programmers, 2D artists, Musicians, Level Designers, etc. Which are the very things you are asking for to assist you in the development of your game idea.

But I guess what I learned, after years of hard effort, working towards making my dream game was this: If you really want to make your dream game - you have to DO IT YOURSELF. No-one will do it for you (Unless you happen to be a millionaire with money to pay lots of people - but even that wont neccesarily work - cos money doesnt make a great game developer ). The best way to make great games is for you, yourself to become a game developer.

So my advice to you Awesome Dante is this: If you really really want to make your dream game - then you yourself must learn one of the skills that go into making that game. You must become a game developer - a Programmer, 3D artist, concept artist, Special Effects artist, musician etc - whichever one you like the most, are best at. And please dont be daunted by that task - everyone has to start some where. Every journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step, and if you don’t start now, than how will you ever get there? And remember, you are really young - you have tons of time! It only took me 2-3 years to become nearly a professional 3D artist - you can become whatever kind of game developer you want to be.

There has never been a better time to become a game developer - there is tons of learning material out there for UE4 and 3D modelling software such as Blender and 3DSMax etc. And best of all its all available for Free!

So hey - hold on to your dreams and keep believing in your ideas - they are amazing game ideas! But don’t think that anyone else is gonna make them a reality apart from you. You have to do that.

That being said, as I am sure you are aware, game development needs a team. So keep working towards building a team and work with other people to gain experience. Hey if you are interested, I could even offer you an internship on my game development team on War For Orion - - email me if you are interested:

So summarise, I advise you to acquire practical game development skills for yourself to aid you in the development of your dream game. I wish you all the very best!

Peace. :slight_smile:

I am like you Dante, and Dyoto is spot on. The difference to 10 years ago, a programmer was a requirement. I am not a programmer, even though i tried it several times, then i played around with various engines and approaches, but with little success, but i learned always something. And then Unreal Engine became free … and then i started… its a stoney road, a hard road, it requires time and dedication, but eventually you can make it. If you want fast results you will be probably disappointed, even with UE. However, a shooter is a good major target, there are many tutorials available for those games, just google it.

Enjoy the journey, wherever it leads you to, it will make your game development skills better.

Aye, and these days for Unreal Engine 4 - you don’t actually need a C++ Programmer - full games can be made using Blueprints. And even a Layman can learn UE4 Blueprints from all the excellent learning material provided by Epic Games and the community. Have fun with it!

Hey, im also new to UE4 and learn quick, I think joining a dedicated team to would really help me learn. Skype me at avicohen112 if youwant me to join.