Recruiting for 3D Plaftorm/Action-Adventure Game


Hello to the community, my name is Luke.

I have been involved in practically every aspect of game development (primarily as a 3D artist) for about 10 years now, mainly as a hobby, and have recently decided to pursue 2 degrees (one in video game art and one in video game programming). Throughout this time, I have revisited and started fine-tuning one of my more in-depth concepts as the focus of my schoolwork. As I near graduation, the design is pretty much ready for development.

To put it simply: who wants to collaborate on a game?


Engine: Unreal
Genre: 3D Platform/Action-Adventure (with real-time strategy features)

Theme: Fantasy (with horror aspects)
Platform: PC (primarily), VR Compatibility, will later be ported to console
Gamemode(s): Single-player Campaign, Cooperative Campaign
Perspective: First-Person/Third-Person (toggleable)
Time-Interval: Real-Time
BASIC Features:

  • Story-driven campaign
  • Linear questline (with non-linear side quests)
  • Open(ish) preset world (with the ability to procedurally generate more)
  • Exploration/combat
  • Ability tiers
  • Puzzles/riddles
  • Virtually unlimited replayability

Release Tactic: Digital-Distribution
Concept Spoiler: Tohu wa Bohu

The purpose of the game is to give players an experience that they are relatively used to in other titles but redefine that experience. By taking the generic aspects of the RPG framework and introducing new elements, we are leaving as much as possible to the player’s imagination. WIth a plethora of “behind-the-scenes” lore for the player to figure out, the concept relies heavily on symbolism to keep the player guessing and even alter their way of thinking to better understand the secrets hidden within the game world and its storyline.

I understand that what I have included above seems a little generic at first, but that is just the foundation. I won’t go into too much detail initially but for anyone that is interested in joining us, please reach out and I will let you in on the actual concept itself in more detail.


Ideally, I would like to have more of a local team formed (in the Raleigh, NC area) but I am welcoming anyone that would like to join remotely as well. In the event that I can get a decent amount of people in my area involved, I have a venue set aside for regular meetings/discussions. The skills I am currently looking for are as follows: [TABLE]

Role Type
To start out with…
In a perfect world…

2D Art:

  • Concept Artist (x2)

  • GUI/HUD Designer (x1)

  • Texture Designer (x1)

  • Concept Artist (x4)

  • GUI/HUD Designer (x2)

  • Texture Designer (x2)

  • Storyboard Artist (x1)

  • Cinematic Designer (x1)

3D Art:

  • Object (Hard-Surface) Modeler (x2)

  • Entity (Organic) Modeler (x2)

  • Object (Hard-Surface) Modeler (x3)

  • Entity (Organic) Modeler (x3)

  • World Designer (x1)

  • Technical Artist (x1)

  • Cinematic Animator (x2)


  • Gameplay Programmer (x1)

  • Environment Programmer (x1)

  • World Programmer (x1)

  • Object Programmer (x1)

  • Gameplay Programmer (x2)

  • Environment Programmer (x2)

  • World Programmer (x1)

  • Object Programmer (x2)

  • GUI/HUD Programmer (x1)

  • AI Programmer (x1)

  • Material Programmer (x1)

  • Audio Programmer (x1)

  • Cinematic Programmer (x1)


  • Dialogue Writer (x1)

  • Storyline Writer (x1)

  • Dialogue Writer (x3)

  • Storyline Writer (x2)

  • Technical Writer (x2)

  • Cinematic Writer (x1)


  • Sound Designer (x1)

  • Sound Designer (x2)

  • Musician (x1)

  • Vocal Composer (x1)

Quality Assurance:

  • QA Scout (x1)

  • QA Analyst (x1)

  • QA Scout (x3)


  • Voice Actor/Actress (x2)

  • Voice Actor/Actress (x7)

  • Research Specialist (x1)



Stage 1:

Now - May 15th
Bringing on the necessary members to begin development of a presentable (pre-alpha) demo

Stage 2:

May 15th - August 15th
Creating a prototype to use in crowdfunding campaigns to begin generating the payroll and funding needed for the project

Stage 3:

August 15th - Undetermined
Starting the development of the alpha version of the game while campaigns are (hopefully) successfully assisting with funding


Like most indie development opportunities, I am not able to offer any solid compensation upfront. However, as disappointing as it sounds, it is a good way to separate someone that is just trying to put in minimal work for a paycheck (which is something that I have dealt with before) from someone that is willing to invest time into something that they are passionate about. That being said, I am NOT looking for people to work FOR me; I am looking to build a team of people to work WITH me.

When we get to Stage 3 (as stated above) the “payroll” will be determined as we start to generate the crowdfunding. Compensation will be based on the level of contribution that an individual is making (with a total percentage going back into the team as a whole to invest in equipment, software licensing, etc.).


Discord will be the platform used for the communication between the team members, at least for right now. If you or someone you know is interested, send an email to [EMAIL=“”] with the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • What kind of skills you are able to contribute
  • A link to a resume and/or portfolio (or send them via email)
  • A little bit about you (including your favorite video game and why you chose it)


Tiago Morgado (or Tiago Morais Morgado, born 1988, Braga, Portugal), is a Portuguese viola player and electronic musician active in composition, free improvisation, and sound art.

He took a degree in Sonology on the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag, where he studied with Richard Barrett, having also taken classen with Joel Ryan, Paul Berg, Kees Tazelaar, Raviv Ganchrow, Paul Jeukendreup, Johann Van KreiJ, Peter Pabon, Frank Baldé, Justin Bennet, Lex van den Broek, among others. began working with leading improvisers in 2010 such as Peter Evans, Mark Dresser, Fred Frith, William Parker, and Jason Hwang, such as in improvisation music workshops. Tiago Also attended lectures with Trevor Wishart and Daniel Teruggi, Douglas Kahn, Arne de Force, John Richards, Larry Polanski, Diemer de Vries, Mathew Ostrowski, Francisco Lopez, Lawrence Harvey, Edwin van Heide, Barry Truax, Wouter Snoei, Cahty Van Eck, Sergio Luque, among others. During his times in Den Haag, he played on a regular basis with people like James Hewitt, Renato Ferreira, Leo Svirsky, and Chris Iemulo; during his music path he also played occasionally in sessions and gigs with people such as Anne La Berge, Katt Hernandez, Jan Nijdam, Sanne Van Hek, Onno GOvaert, Jasper Stadhouders, V4W.Enko, Ekkehard Windricht, Marie Guilleray, Richard Barrett, António Augusto Aguiar, Jorge Queijo, José Miguel Pinto, Pedro Tudela, Susana Santos Silva, Gonçalo Almeida, Paulo Chagas, Luis Vicente, Marcelo Dos Reis, Miguel Mira, Gustavo Costa, Henrique Fernandes, Joao Martins

Tiago has performed in countries such as Portugal, United States, United Kingdom, Holland, and Serbia. Besides this he writes poetry, and also runs the label Nachtstuck Records, starting activities in early 2014, and aiming for small philanthropic contributions through the release of New Music. The label has released music of people such as Karlheinz Essl,

During my activity as a music critic, theoretical writer and observer of all things concerning creative music, few times I have met such a young musician so commited to discover new things and learn new techniques and vocabularies, developing his music further and further with a rare focus and perseverance. Tiago Morgado was a real surprise when I first heard

him play, some years ago, connecting his viola to a laptop computer and some effect pedals, and he continues to be.

Considering the almost solitary conditions of his work, and living in a city far away from the main experimental / improvised / contemporary music circuits in Portugal, mostly concentrated in Lisbon and Oporto, it was kind of a miracle to have someone doing what he did the way he did it. Only a very special person was able of such enterprise, moved by a never ending curiosity and a purpose in life. Since then I’m always keeping me informed of what he’s doing and how are his studies abroad, knowing that he will be, in a near future,

a very important musician not only in my country, but also in Europe and the world.

That’s why I don’t have any hesitations in saying that Tiago Morgado deserves any support coming from cultural institutions. I’m sure the reward will be fullfiling, in terms of

compositions, recordings, performances and projects under his name.

Rui Eduardo Paes

(writer, journalist, chief-editor of the online magazine

one game I contributed to: - -

more on the portfolio: (yes, that’s me)

on tinkering:

current github page: (had another one but deleted it)

UPDATE (4/2/18):

I have already received a great deal of interested individuals and have formed somewhat of a group so far. However, I am still in need of a few writers, programmers, and 3d artists to really get the project off the ground.

I look forward to hearing from the community.

C’mon @tmm88, never share that much info publicly. Send private messages instead.