Recruiting and Hiring - May 21 @ 2PM ET

Looking to get a job in the industry at a company like Epic? Want to know what we look for in applications or portfolios? This livestream will cover what to focus on while pursuing employment in the games industry.
Epic’s Sr. Recruiter Emily Gabrian and Lead Technical Artist Wyeth Johnson discuss the “Dos and Don’ts” in regards to getting a job in games.

Thursday, May. 21 @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager - @iveytron](
Emily Gabrian - Sr. Recruiter - @epictalent](
Wyeth Johnson - Lead Technical Artist - @SirWyeth](

Edit: The YouTube archive is available here](

Awesome! Looking forward to the stream. This will be very useful, because I’m currently creating my own portfolio. :smiley:
Do you guys also talk about the recruitment process for indie games? (e.g any hints, legal stuff,…)

This should be very interesting, looking forward to the stream. =)

Interesting indeed, can’t wait for this one!

“Dos and Don’ts”:

1#) Don’t live in South America.
2#) Live close to the company you want to work for. :stuck_out_tongue:

From 3 to 10 I don’t know 'cause I’m already out of the game from 1 to 2…

FX Artist, Technical Artist,
Senior Artist,
Lead Artist,
Art Director,
Lead Technical Artist…

Wyeth Johnson is a beast; Everybody at Epic have this ‘Super Saiyan’ profile?!
I’d like to work as Tech Artist for any major company if I could leave South America; I just like to mess around with game engines a lot. Would love to hear from him how did he become a Tech Artist.

I know I post this in every thread but I think it’s awesome you guys do so many twitch casts about things like this.

I’m loving the buisness side of thing based stream. Thank you :slight_smile:

This could be a really useful stream. Thanks for doing this, guys. Would all of the tips and info you give in this stream also be useful for working in a software-related field outside of the games industry, too?

I’ve got a question!
In terms of Epic Games, which has more weight in a decision to hire: A graduate from a well known university with some experience OR a graduate from a normal/standard university with more experience.

Only asking this because I’m a first year CS student, but looking also grabbing as much experience as I can!

Are you going to have a youtube (or other archive) of this video for later viewing?

You can watch it on Twitch after it’s finished! And it’s gonna be on youtube in few days, just like always.

Here we go: :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Chance. :smiley:

Experience and projects you can show, always win. Or at least should, if the right person is reading.
Just because you have some degree it doesn’'t mean you know how create stuff (means: being creative). It only show, that you know, what to tell, to pass on.

You’ve said it all!

That’s right


1#) Don’t live in Africa, because there is no gaming company.
2#) Don’t live in South America.
3#) Live close to the company you want to work for. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t even pass #1

Epic have a UK office & studio now, maybe one day I’ll be confident enough to apply :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t know how its work , but sometime , we can turn on (Caption , STR , text) in Youtube video . i dunno if your youtube video can automatically provides them ?
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