Recreating the Original

Hi All,

After playing around with the Unreal Engine 4 for a while, Im starting now to get a basic grasp on the editor and workflow logic.
As a pure autodidact, I learned a lot from tutorials and by trial and error.
Now I am at a point where I worked on my modeling and texturing workflows (making the output more tailored to the context of a game engine) and am currently digging into blueprints.

I decided to combine that and try an approach towards actual game development.
In this thread I would like to sghare my work in progress with you and hope to get some usefull feedback where applicable :slight_smile:
So, from time to time I will add here what I have created.

Here are some basic outlines of what I plan to do:

Q: Will the project ever be finished?
A: Probably not. As I am only one person, (at least last time I checked), the entire project would take about 600 years to complete. Im not sure I have that much time left…

Q: So when its going to end?
A: The project will be “done” on May 22nd 2018.

Q: Why that date?
A: It will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the release of an awesome shooter game that did not only showcase the fantastic possibilities of a new game engine, but is also, in my opinion, one of the best shooters to this day in terms of atmosphere and sound.:cool:

The goal is to be as truthfull to the original in terms of level and props design.
Im not going for an Unreal Tournament look. And only the original weapons from Unreal will be included. Also the gameplay will adhere to the original: Monster infight, no auto-regenerating health.

I think it might be nice to recreate the game as a showcase of UE4s capabilities.
Would be nice to go full circle and see the comparison of how things have evolved technically over the past two decades.

Another, minor, aspect of this pick is also the fact that, having the original game as a target, I can skip the creative process and focus on the technical implementation.:rolleyes:

I wonder what your opinions are?
Would you like to see some Nali again? :smiley:


wtf funny Ha


So I started now modeling some of the pickup items. They are not textured yet. The UVs however are laid out althogh I might change them again for some items like the Flak shell to get better seam placement.
So that are the results of my initial draft session in max:



Had to get to the end of the OP before I was finally told ‘original what’? Just sayin’.