Recreating the abandoned New World Mall in Bangkok

Hey all!
First time posting so let’s get into it!

I’ve recently begun the task of recreating the photo below of a now abandoned mall in Bangkok, in UE4 and I’m curious if anybody has feedback, suggestions or even some tricks I can use to achieve my desired results. I’m not new to the program or 3d by any means but I know for a fact there are always some things myself (and a ton of others) miss on the regular. Looking mostly for tips on ways to achieve the lighting but any help is greatly appreciated!

For those wondering just in case, this is for a uni project and use a potential portfolio piece (?).

Thanks again!

Edit: spelling mistakes

You’re not at the point where you need to worry about lighting, you have a lot of work to do still with the assets

Thanks for the heads up, I always tend to get ahead of myself with the lighting side of things, mind if I keep you updated once I’m further in with the project?