Recreating SK_RigidBodyDemo

So, I have probably spent 14 hours at least of trial and error trying to create the tube rigid body from the demo, and I’m losing my mind. The recreation works fine in 3DSMax, but as soon as I import it into UE4 the skinning seems to stop working (I open up the skeleton in the editor and the mesh does not follow the bones when I rotate them like the demo rigid body does). I know I have to be making a simple error, but I just can’t find it. Here’s the steps I’ve taken in 3DSMax 2014

-Create 7 bones (10 centimeters long)

-Draw a spline the same distance inside the bones and small circle (radius 2.05)

-Create a cylinder compound object using loft (circle is the shape, and spline is the path)

-Make the loft and editable poly and apply skin modifier

-Add bones to skin modifier

-Open up schematic view and parent the loft at the end of the bone hierarchy (read note below)

-Test the skinning modifier by rotating bone 3 or something. It works, the tube bends with the bone. Hit ctrl+z.

-Export as tube.fbx

-Import to UE4 using what is recommended/needed (have tried every combination at this point)

-Open up skeleton_tube in editor, rotate bone 3 or something. The mesh either stays in place, or the whole mesh rotates as an unbending tube of steel.

-Die a little on the inside.

Note: I have tried a dummy root bone with the mesh and bones parented under it in two separate branches. I have tried attaching the bones to the mesh in 3DSMax. I have also tried many other configurations that would be too tedious to list.

When someone has the time, I would appreciate any help.