Recreating Minecraft Elytra in Unreal

Hello guys!
I’m having a lot of trouble on a mechanic i need for my game. So I’m trying to recreate the minecraft elytra in unreal (with the basic character movement).
I don’t really know what parameter i need to take in consideration, like if i need to use the basic UE4 gravity or create my own system, how the velocity is calculated.

If you have any tips or tutorial, I’m really into this

(I saw someone who wanted to do something similar, like a sky diving mechanic, but the answer is not really what I need)

Hi Nogam,

It’s considered a ‘Legacy Sample’ at this point. (No longer updated to latest version) but there’s a glider in the Landscape Mountains sample. (You should be able to download the 4.24 version and open it in 5.x)

At very least this will show you one way gliding can be done!