Recreating cube wave effect

Hi everyone!

I’m still pretty new to unreal engine materials and just unreal engine in general.

I am trying to recreate this effect

i’ve tried several things, all using the sin node, time node, and absolute world position node, but cant seem to get it working.

Could I possibly get some help?


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Hello! These might help you

and this

I’ve seen and tried this already. It doesn’t work for what I need. Specifically, you can’t export shape keys as key frames, which is what the wave modifier uses. It will only export shape keys as a skeletal mesh and I don’t want that. I want to do all the vertex animation in the material.

Thank you for the response :relaxed:

While you could use the Mesh Morpher script to get something similar. I think the interpolation would be very evident. The Vertex Animation script could also be used and would yield an identical result to the video shown, but it would be overkill. You can easily get this effect using Unreal Engine’s material nodes out of the box.

  • You take the absolute world position, mask out the Y and Z axes separately.
  • Subtract Time from the Y axis mask.
  • Take the sin of the result, you can multiply before this to affect frequency (try 2*pi).
  • You can then multiply the result to affect amplitude.
  • Mask this result to the Z axis now.
  • Next add this result to the Z axis mask.
  • Use this result as your material’s world position offset.

I’m fairly certain this checks out, but I actually don’t have unreal on this machine. I just came up with this result using blenders geometry nodes, but the same concepts should apply. Also blender’s wave modifier has some extra parameters which you could almost certainly get similar results just using more math before and after the sin.

Also, this is a great resource providing an example of a material using world position offset. It’s an oldie, but certainly a goodie.