Recreating a Maya Set Driven Key in UE4 Anim BP

I’m trying to recreate a Maya Set Driven Key in UE4.

In Maya, I’m driving an elbow helper joint with the elbow joint rotation. In Maya it looks like this: RightForeArm.rotateY drives Elbow_helper.TranslateZ.

In UE4, I think I’m close, but missing something. I can get the driven joint to move, but not correctly.

Inside the anim layer, I have the Bone Driven Controller set up like this.

And this is the curve asset I created, matching keys from Maya.

Like I mentioned, I think I’m missing something, I’m just unsure what that may be. I suspect the driven bone is being affected not in object space like in Maya, but perhaps in parent space?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I think you should recreate it in control rig