Recreating A game like Infinity blade

Not sure if i can write this here… but ever since the death of Infinity blade on IOS countless amounts of people have missed the game including myself. It might not be the biggest in fanbase compared to Fortnite… but that is because it was limited to IOS only.

I really wish for a game that Replicates Infinity blade that can go for both IOS and Android. I would be willing to pay 30 dollars or something as this would become the greatest app. Currently the App stores are filled with Junk apps and Games. Infinity Blade is what in my Opinion is the best game ever… i would compare it to PC games with good graphics while the other apps are just a massive copy paste of other apps…

And i bet many more others would pay the equal amount… so it benefits the developers and it gives life to the App stores. There are already somewhat the same types of games but they are old and garbage and doesn’t contain even CLOSE to Infinity blade.

I had hope for Skyrim’s game but it doesn’t have that swipe the finger on screen to slash the sword.