Recreating a content-browser-like interface using Slate?

Hi there,

I’m developing a plugin that contains a ton of different classes, and need to create a user interface to make sense of it all. I like the way the “Tiles view” in the content browser look:

So I would like to do something similar but with each class having its own custom icon, and different behaviours when clicking, double-clicking, as well as drag-and-dropping the icons. Something like that:

Anyway, for now I just need to create the UI and I think I’m supposed to use Slate. I’ve managed to create a custom button in the toolbar and an empty window that pops up when that button is pressed. But now I don’t really know what to do. Here are some questions:
-Should I use SWrapBox or STileView to get this tile structure?
-How do you create an icon similar to how classes appear in the content browser? (i.e. square image + text)
-Once the icon is created, how do you link it to one particular class from another module?

And of course any extra tips or info would be greatly appreciated. For example if anyone knows which source file contains the implementation for the Classes icons in the content browser that’d be cool, I haven’t managed to find it.