Recreated Orbital Comm PvP from Firefall

I kept my production scope small and tried to copy Firefall’s Orbital Comm Tower (OCT) the best I could. Obviously it’s not the AAA polish that gamers expect but for what it’s worth, I recreated the Team PvP gameplay and Accord battleframes from Firefall’s OCT.

:: Download the game :: v1.1
W64-bit & W32-bit

I spent the last least year delving into what it takes to make a game. The journey started when the Firefall servers closed and Ember declared no pvp. I decided I wanted to see what it took to make a pvp game. The term ‘humbled’ definitely describes my new perception of game development. Aside from having to learn how the engine works I learned it takes a great deal more to fully wrap the mind around every line of code and every limitation of the engine even before production starts. Every change made to the code creates a new potential barrier and obstacle or in some cases a Call-Stack loop to crash the game. Fortunately with Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) beginner character models, particles, and animation assets are available for free and it saved me a lot of time. There’s still a lot to learn and I’d definitely do some old scripts differently but for now, unless there’s a call to improve, add to, or further balance the game, this is the product. (Blackwater would be cool but support would need to back its production).

The list of characters is as follows:

Main Primary: Fusion Cannon. Single Shot AoE
Main Alt: Nova Cannon. Charged Single Shot AoE. Damage and Radius increased with charge
Secondary: Assault Rifle*
Ability 1: Afterburner. Launch into battle or into the sky with immediate thrust
Ability 2: Crater. Plummet down like a meteor dealing more damage the longer the fall.
Ability 3: Overcharge. Increase damage output for all damage actions temporarily

Main Primary: Minigun*
Main Alt: Frontal Shield
Secondary: Grenade Launcher
Ability 1: Armor. Increase damage resistance temporarily
Ability 2: Impulse. Deal AoE damage at short intervals temporarily
Ability 3: Turret Mode. Root self to increase main weapon accuracy and provides small health regen

Main Primary: Nanite Spray
Main Alt: Submachine gun*
Secondary: Grenade Launcher
Ability 1: Turret. Spawn up to 2 place-able auto-turrets
Ability 2: Shield Barrier. Spawn a shield barrier
Ability 3: Support Station. Spawn an AoE healing station for teammates

Main Primary: Link Gun (Only heals teammates)
Main Alt: Overheal (Only heals teammates)
Secondary: Submachine gun*
Ability 1: Healing Wave. AoE healing blast to teammates and self
Ability 2: Defib. Revive a fallen teammate or deal damage to an enemy
Ability 3: Triage. Increase revive speed and small damage reduction

Main Primary: Sniper Rifle*
Main Alt: Scope
Secondary: Grenade Launcher
Ability 1: Remote Mine. Launch a remote mine that sticks to surfaces.
Ability 2: Overcharge Shot. Grant teammates a temporary damage bonus
Ability 3: Corpse Explode. Use on a downed enemy to immediately execute them and inflict AoE damage to nearby enemies.

*Headshot damage enabled (Damage x2)

I plan on playing the game Saturday, March 3rd at 4pm Pacific