Recovering from a broken build on Mac

Occasionally I encounter an editor crash resulting in a broken compilation in my C++ project on Mac. After which the editor refuses to open. So far I have been painstakingly copying my project directory to a backup folder then restoring the project from my TimeMachine backup, then copying the changed file back in one-by-one. Surely there must be a better way to just do a project clean that will allow the editor to open?

After invoking various clean and rebuild tasks (using VS Code) I finally got to a point where starting the editor resulted in a pop-up that asked if I wanted to rebuild missing modules. After clicking ‘yes’ the editor rebuilt things and started cleanly. I just wish I could force the rebuild consistently so I know what to do next time.

This has happened to me too. What I do:
1 - Delete all files from Intermediate folder
2 - VS Code > Debug > Generate Project Files
3 - VS Code > Debug > ProjectNameEditor ( Development ) (ProjectName)
This is useful for when Unreal can’t compile in Rebuild dialog. If this happens:
4 - After step 3, if you click in Terminal it will show you compile errors, so you can fix them.