Recording with Sequencer and including Master Sequence


So just to check my thinking here …

So if you want to output a gameplay event as a captured single frame sequence …
You would open a recorder window interface and basically record everything in the scene during gameplay in the viewer.
Then when you stop recording and exit out of the gameplay mode you have a Misc folder in a recorder level Sequence right?
And in it you should have the actors, events, effect, etc. recorded to play back axactly how it performed during gameplay?
Now at this point I can add a camera cut track and “film” it with a cine camera from whatever angle I want to see it “replay” and
then capture that out to a movie?
Is my thinking right here?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Ok so if you try and trigger another level sequence that animates an object (transforms it) by a recording then it records everything during gameplay EXCEPT it doesn’t trigger the level sequence like it looks like its supposed to. But what is interesting is once you have your newly created level sequence with Misc folder in it, you can drag the level sequence with the transformed actor INTO the recorded level sequence and the it works fine.
Wow what a mind warp and way to work but its pretty cool actually :slight_smile:

Ok this is how you set it up figured it out.
You create only one level sequence (not master) without a camera.
Then in there you animate whatever mesh you want to do whatever.
Then you do the rest in BP like this:


This records what those meshes do.
Then you can add as many camera cut tracks to it you want and “re - film” it for output / capture to movie.

So here is what makes it crash.
Apparently this thing is not smart enough to know that when you have the Sequencer interface open AND you have the
camera cut actor selected that you want to capture the camera cut camera’s point of view out … because you are capturing
the sequence …
So you have to go into you third person BP and disable your follow camera from auto activate.
I should be a freaking programmer.

Now it captures out fine in in 4K, cinematic mode + engine stab and single frame .png sequences with zero compression.
No crashes.

So I have another problem. Would you be able to suggest a solution please. I have a car which I connect inside blueprint camera using spring arm. In game play, the camera follows the car. How can I render this camera from blueprint in recorder?

You I am not sure but I think you have to record the movements of the car first then “play” that and then film that with another camera. I have never done this myself but here is a tutorial: