Recording with Matinee Issues

Hello to everyone!
First things first, I have created a post in the AnswerHub, but since it doesn’t have any responses, I come here, in hope of finding help.

The AnswerHub post follows:

I have created a Matinee Sequence for an Architectural Visualization Map. It supports multiple cameras that pass through the level in order to showcase it.

When I try to export Matinee into a Movie, I run into two problems:

Note that both issues appear only when the record window of Matinee appears, and they are not occurring if you Play the Matinee Sequence through the Matinee Window in the editor.

  1. Screen Space Reflections are different. My Map has a post process volume that sets the Quality of Screen Space Reflections to 100. When recording the Matinee Sequence into an AVI or any kind of Screenshot Sequence, the Screen Space Reflections appear different, like their quality was dropped to 50. Note that I also changed the quality to 100 in all the cameras I use in the Matinee Sequence, but this did not fix the issue.

  2. Performance Issue When I hit play in the Editor, my map has more than 60 FPS in half HD and around 35 in Full HD. When I play the Matinee Sequence through the Matinee Window, I have the same FPS results, everything runs smoothly. When recording the Matinee Sequence into an AVI or any kind of Screenshot Sequence, there is staggering in the camera, like spikes in FPS. These are also visible in the exported .AVI.

Note that I record the Matinee Sequence in 1280x720, disabled Texture Streaming and closing the Editor in case it improves performance.

I tried to find solutions for both online but not much luck. Can anyone help for any of these two?

Thanks in advance!

Do not export as .avi use sequence, that should resolve the one problem.

I was hopping to avoid the Video Editing afterwards, but it seams that this was not possible.
I found solution for my other issue too, and updated the AnswerHUB post with answers to both. Maybe someone that has a related issue stables upon it.

Thanks for your help!

Yeah, avi just doesn’t work well.