Recording video of Plane crash (Geometry collection and Take recorder issues)

I got pawn with plane mesh in the root and Geometry Collection (fractured version of plane) as a child. There are also simple plane controller script, so it’s flying. And the goal is to shoot a video of plane crash.

Visibility, physic simulation and collisions of Geometry collection are turned off at the beginning.

On key pressed i set main mesh invisible and Visibility/Physic sim/Collisions are On for the geometry collection.

And here comes some problems.

1 Change of visibility are not recorded by Take recorder. So plane doesn’t switch to it’s fractured version in Sequencer on playback.

2 Geometry collection doesn’t inherit velocity of the plane after Physics activation. Debris should roll ahead after the crash, but they just fall down. I’ve tried to copy velocity from the plane to geometry collection, but it’s not working for some reason…

And i can’t just record viewport by OBS, cause it’s lagging.

I’m not a programmer, almost noob in UE5 and desperately need to record this video… Using blueprints. Please help :slight_smile: