Recording to Sequencer: Multiple Actors?

Not sure where to post this… If I’m recording things to the sequencer, I can select an actor to record. But what if I’d like to record multiple actors? Is there a way where I can define a multitude of actors to record? The drop-down menu only allows to select ONE actor per record.

I guess I’m simply too stupid and don’t realize some obvious thing here… but I don’t get it. Any help’d be appreciated! :slight_smile:

I dug around a bit more and found another thread on the “UE4 Answer Hub” with posts from Jan. and July 2017. Unfortunately without any answers…

This subject seems to be a big mystery. Also, the documentation “Recording to Sequencer” doesn’t provide an answer …although it reads:


Hence “Actors” (plural), but the documentation only explains how to record a single actor. :confused:

Found the solution: To record multiple actors with one recording, you need to click “Add new recording” in the Sequence Recorder and enter a new actor to track (in the same field as you did for the previous “recording”).

I find the description as “New Recording” highly misleading, as it’s not a “New Recording”, but a “New Actor” or maybe a “New Source”. But it’s tracked in the SAME recording as the previous entry. I believe that everyone else asking for this (see my post above) didn’t understand the “Add New Recording” description neither…

But as this whole thread was a monologue anyway… who cares? :wink:

Hey @Calisto , I care.

Not that it helps you, because I don’t know much. I added multiple record sequences for multiple actors, but did not get it to work properly. Sometimes the actors are far away from the camera position. I have my character picking up a weapon, and beating on an NPC, The NPC is recorded, but only doing his idle. It might be because we’re using a physics-based system. IDK. I don’t see the weapon actor animating, but the sequence has animations for all the actors I’ve added (player, NPC, weapon). I hope you’re having better luck than I am!